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How to Apply for HELB; Easy Guide.

The government of Kenya through the Higher Education Loan Board  offers many bright but needy students a chance to pursue their higher education by providing them with fundings for both their up keep in campus and their school fees. The minstry currently gives a muximum of 60,000 and a minimum of 35,00o. The process of loan application is usually done online but the hard copies are downloaded and submited to the HELB offices. To apply for HELB, you require the following credentials

  1. An I.D card.
  2. A bank account
  3. A kra pin from the Kenya Revenue Authority
  4. Yuor parents particulars
  5. Your Parents Death certificate( If orphan)

To apply for the loan, just follow the steps below:

  • Log onto
  • Click crete account to create your account profil with HELB
  • While still logged in, go to the home page and click ‘fill the application form correctly’.
  • Fill in the form carefully and make sure you save each and every step.
  • Go back to the home page and click ‘view application history’ to cornfirm you have filled everything correctly. (This page is not for printing)
  • Go back home and click the ‘print form’ icon to get your hard copy documents.

Kra pin is an important element in the loan application process. The pin helps the bord to track it’s lonees. Therefore, if you don’t include it you are likely not to be awarded.

For any quiery over HELB application process, please submit them in the coment box below.

For a detailed process of kra application, read my article Prepare for Campus.

Thank you for reading.


Comments on: "How to Apply for HELB; Easy Guide." (243)

  1. kindly send me a new link in my email ritalovin16@gmail.cim

  2. I have a problem in registering, I have already registered but am having a problem in putting the password its not going through

  3. fester said:

    For self sponsored students when should they apply for helb,how do they receive their helb


    is there a difference between TVET and direct entry students.and if so,when the direct students 2016-2017 first tim applicant be able to apply for the loan?

  5. can students of 2016 who are going to pursuing diploma in university apply for helb?

  6. i applied for helb loan in 2016, my mum’s photocopy of id was missing.
    please help, should apply as first time application or second subsequent application.

  7. kevin okeyo said:

    I have completed online helb application but am unable to access the hard copy…pliz help

  8. i have registered but am told to activate my account using the link sent to my email, yet i cant see the link.

  9. Jenipher Ruth Dina said:

    Please help, l have created an account but unable to log in.

  10. justus ingutia said:

    its difficult to apply for helb . I have tried but it not workin need help

  11. Jacquiline kamathi said:

    I have tried to apply for help but it’s not working..pliz help

  12. Nicholas kanini said:

    the activation link they sent me is not going through please help

  13. teresa magoma siocha said:

    which pin No should i enter under the subsequent section? am applying for undergraduate second subsequent loan. please help

  14. harrison ochieng said:

    for those having problems with reseting password using the email sent resent link please update your browser or i reccommend you use chrome or firefox bt not opera mini

  15. jackline said:

    am to join college in September. Is it possible for me to apply HELB?

  16. nyambura said:

    am to join college in September. Is it possible for me to apply HELB?

  17. Dennis said:

    I applied helb loan but i use wrong information .what can i do?
    Reply please in this email.

  18. Elly ochieng ouma said:

    l applied for helb bt realised that have made a mistake can l apply again because l had submitted the earlier form


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