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Lil Wayne’s Face Tatoos and Their Meanings

Are you curious of Wayne’s tats and ever wondered what they mean? Well I got all the face tats snaps of Wayne Tats and their meanings. Check ’em out.

Lil Wayne got 9 stars tattooed to the left side of his face. Wayne also has a flower inside his ear.

Lil Wayne has the logo of the label he founded, Young Money Entertainment, on his neck as well as “Soo Woo”, which is a blood gang term.

Lil Wayne has a “W” and “Weezy” tattooed on his neck. This is because “Weezy” is one of Wayne’s nicknames and “W” is his favorite letter from the alphabet.

Lil Wayne has “Fear God” tattooed on his eyelids and a “C” between his eyes. The “C” represents the inital of his mothers first name – Cita and his last name – Carter.

Lil Wayne has a smiley face tattoo on his inner-lip.

Lil Wayne has 2 tear drops tattooed under his right eye and “I AM MUSIC” above his right eye. This is because he feels he is music and each tear drop represents someone who has been killed in his family.

Lil Wayne has 3 dots tattooed near his left eye, which represent “Laugh, Think and Cry”.

Lil Wayne replaced a tear drop on his face with a tribal symbol. This was because Wayne’s mother told him he had too many tears on his face, so he had to cover one up.

Lil Wayne has “Tune” tattooed near his ear, because it is a nickname his Grandma gave him before she passed away. Wayne also has a few cracks on his neck.

Lil Wayne has “Misunderstood” tattooed on the left side of his face, because he feels he is often misunderstood by people. Wayne also has “Lucky Me” tattooed on his neck, because it’s the title of his favorite Jay-Z song.

Lil Wayne has “I Am Pimp” tattooed behind his right ear. Wayne also has “Orleans” tattooed under his sideburn for his hometown, New Orleans, as well as the city’s symbol

Lil Wayne tattooed a gun on his neck.

Lil Wayne had a heart tattooed on the right side of his face. Wayne also has a cross tattooed just under his forehead and a crack at the top of his head.

<img title=”tattoo16″ src=”http://musolix.files.wo

Lil Wayne has “999” tattooed behind his left ear and some cracks under his chin.


Comments on: "Lil Wayne’s Face Tatoos and Their Meanings" (155)

  1. Nelskid said:

    Frm nigga, luv u dude, alwayz on ur side “CARTER”

  2. Whaddo the upside down cross stand for in between the eyes

    • It’s a good question. I am Orthodox Christian and that cross looks almost Orthodox to me. The patriarch (our priest) brushes an oily substance on our foreheads in a shape of a cross with a brush, right in between the eyes. That oil has a pleasant smell, sensation, and if you do believe it, it makes you feel pure.

    • its a new Orleans street thing

  3. what does the illuminati tattoo on his chin stand for

    • Karl Wolff said:

      When he’s sucking Birdman’s dick, that’s where he wants him to shoot his load at. They’re both homo-thugs. Two gay ass monkey fuckers.

  4. Olwethu Maselana said:

    lil way is my best rapper in this world I like him big time I evern have same of his tattoo in my face

  5. nigga owo pala mujita mo kasi owu shi mo

  6. Lil Wayne he is the best rapper i like in the world, i wish i could see him in my naked eye

  7. wonder jester said:

    i just heard lil wayne jst pased away bcos of skin cancer cozd by tatooz.i lv weezy h cant die i hp dey r lyn abt hz death

  8. lil gunz said:

    best rapper alive…am tripping no homo man….@wezzy…

  9. Jakyla said:

    Yo like your answers but wtf fear God mean nigga this makes me mad at hi like I love God and Jesus

  10. jamlot chike said:

    wayne has really encourage us youth not to forget the past

  11. Smart whooda william said:

    Lil wayne best rapper,wish yu good luck

  12. He’s not an example for anyone to live his or her life
    New Orleans Nightmare.
    I’m looking forward to cover all of his tracks.

  13. I love everything about Wayne Carter,i like him,he’s my american favorite rapper,thats y i added his name to mine…….
    He’s such a gangstar…

  14. Lil Wayne is the best rapper and he will forever be my favourate rapper until I die😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I love you Dwayne Michael Carter Jr

  15. […] Do you know what the 3 tattooed tears mean on Lil’ Wayne? […]

  16. Ilike Wayne’s lifestyle

  17. lily my mentor i will live to adore you

  18. LOL! Circus freak.

  19. Karl Wolff said:

    Birdman’s been shooting his load deep up in Lil Waynes loose asshole for years. He took him in as a youngster and signed him to make him his bitch. They kiss each other in the mouth and suck each other off too. Homo thug loving fags.

  20. Dimory said:

    l like your style.√

  21. […] Do you know what the 3 tattooed tears mean on Lil’ Wayne? […]

  22. […] Do you know what the 3 tattooed tears mean on Lil’ Wayne? […]

  23. 666 beast mode ya hear me?

  24. how many teardrops he got

  25. Lil Wayne said:

    4 tears

  26. Looks like a complete idiot. The only people who get tattoos on their face (or neck) are the ones who know they will never be in a respectable job, most likely living on welfare. Oh so gangster.

  27. Yo lil`wayne, has more to his book of life than anyone on earth & more shall be revealed a`lil @ a time. I in “thee” does my bestest to “NOT” to bear the ultimate outcome of his crucial/critical testimony between him & his maker {God} nun yã my biz. lil`wayne’s musicsl artistry has been my comfort factor in passing years through my countless tears lil`wayne’s music aid’s me to silently bear my life’s pain. I spirtiualy lift him up that he’ll straighten himself enough to meet the King of Nazerith & be granted a room in the KOG in my 💜 Love for lil`wayne. ~Sanctioned~

  28. He should add another tear drop for X murder…. #17tattoo


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