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Is Bonyeza Ushinde Promotion A Scam?

Bonyeza Ushinde is a promotional campaign carried out by Safaricom with the sole purpose of creating awareness of messaging platform they provide, well that’s what they say. The prices that Safaricom usually give out are so great that a lot Kenyans end up participating with the hopes of winning millions of money. However, most, or maybe all of these participants end up with nothing but fury. That is evident on the Safaricom Official Facebook Page. We can try to figure out the puzzle anyway.

First, it’s important to understand that Bonyeza Ushinde Promotion is pure gambling. And therefore just like any other gambling, it is based on luck. However, unlike other gambling options like Sportpesa where the determinant of you winning is your own prediction, here is a computer application developed by Safaricom.

Secondly, why does Safaricom spend so much on advertising the promotion when it could spend less at creating awareness of the messaging platform which is the sole purpose of the promotion? There’s a swahili proverb which says “Kizuri chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza” TAFAKARI.

Thirdly, why are the winners of the promotion always some mamas from the village somewhere who prolly don’t know half of the answers to the question asked. My roommate has been doing this Bonyeza thing and most of the time we had to Google for answers.

Fourthly, why is Safaricom Official Facebook Page full of complaints about the system and no single testimonial of winning?
So what do you think, is it legit or not?

Safaricom is a great company with great services and products but before you start to Bonyeza, ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Happy Birthday Jesus: Christmas Myths you Prolly Never Knew

MYTH #1: Christmas on December 25th is found in the Bible.

TRUTH: There is no celebration of the birth of Christ in the Bible on any day, but began through human tradition to be celebrated about 250 AD in the spring and on December about 325 AD. See also: Pagan origin of Christmas, Easter, Halloween “holy days”.

MYTH #2: December 25 is the birthday of Jesus.

TRUTH: December 25 was the birthday of Mithra, the pagan God of light. In 325 AD, Roman emperor Constantine re-assigned the meaning to the birthday of Jesus, the true God of light. The Christian meaning over

MYTH #3: Mary wanted to spend the night at an inn, but there were no “motel rooms” available because the inn was full.

TRUTH: There was no space (room) in the “upper room” of a private house because other family members had got there first, not a public inn, motel, hotel etc.

MYTH #4: Mary remained a virgin until the day of her death.

TRUTH: Although Joseph did not have sex with Mary until after she gave birth to Jesus, Mary and Joseph had many other children: “Is not this the carpenter’s son? Is not His mother called Mary, and His brothers, James and Joseph and Simon and Judas? “And His sisters, are they not all with us? Where then did this man get all these things?” (Matthew 13:55-56)

MYTH #5: They spent the night in a separate building like a barn where the animals were kept.

TRUTH: There was no room on the upper floor of the house so they spent the night on the main floor of the house where the animals were kept inside the house. Most ancient Jewish houses had a common area on the main floor, including a manger where animals ate and slept at night, and an upper room where everyone slept. It is possible that there was a separate barn, but this would often be attached to the house directly.

MYTH #6: There were three wise men.

TRUTH: There were three gifts, gold
frankincense and myrrh. There may have been 10 wise men, we don’t know, but each of them likely brought some gold frankincense and myrrh. Since these were common currency items of value, each wise man, regardless of the actual number, brought a little of all three.

MYTH #7: The star of Bethlehem shone over the manger the night Jesus was born.

TRUTH: The wise men did not come to Jerusalem until after Mary had purified on day 33 after the birth of Jesus. It was at that point the star began to move slowly ahead of the wise men till it hovered over the place Jesus was located. This means that the star was not hovering over Jesus the night he was born. The star shone over a house, not a barn or an inn. “And they came into the house and saw the Child with Mary His mother” (Matthew 2:11). It is never called “the star of Bethlehem” simply, “His star”. The Shepherds were directed by an angel (not a star) to the manger of Jesus the night he was born. The star led the “wise men from the east”, who traveled at least 700 km from the Persian or Babylonian area, to the house of Joseph and Mary. This trip would take at least 30 days after the birth of Jesus when you average 25km per day travel time. After Jesus had been circumcised on the 8th day in the temple, and Mary performed her purification on the 33rd day, Jesus may have been taken to Joseph home in Nazareth and this is where the star led the wise men: “When they had performed everything according to the Law of the Lord, they returned to Galilee, to their own city of Nazareth.” (Luke 2:39). The star, therefore, might have shone over Nazareth, not Bethlehem. The flight to Egypt did not happen until after Mary’s purification on the 33rd day. Only after this did the Magi arrive in Jerusalem. They were directed to Bethlehem, not by the star, but because Jewish authorities quoted Micah 5:2. However, the redirection of the Magi to an alternate return
route coupled with the same hour of the night urgent departure, both lend weight to the start leading the Magi to the same house Jesus
was born.

MYTH #8: The wise men arrived the night Jesus was born in a manger.

TRUTH: The shepherds came to the manger (Luke 2:8-10), but not the wise men came to Joseph’s house. In fact, Herod orders the slaughter of the babies two years of age and
younger. This means that the child would be well under two years old, in order that no error could be made in killing Jesus, but it also
indicates that Jesus was older than a newborn.

MYTH #9: God wants Christians to remember and celebrate the birthday of Christ!

TRUTH: The scriptures do not tell us to celebrate the birth of Christ but to celebrate His death… and not once a year at “Easter” but every Sunday through the Lord’s Supper. (Acts 20:7)


Are Tom boys Made or Born?

It’s commonly believed that children are socialized into their respective gender roles. Pink is for girls, blue for boys, right? Though socialization is indeed an important part of the gender story, research suggests that levels of testosterone during pregnancy influence the gendered behavior of preschool girls. Scientists recorded the testosterone levels of pregnant women during various phases of their pregnancies. Then when the children born of those pregnancies reached the age of three and a half, researchers examined the children’s interest in a variety of sex-typed behaviors, such as playing with certain toys and games. They found a link between the testosterone level in mothers and the girls’ gender behavior. The girls whose mothers reached high testosterone levels during pregnancy exhibited more masculine-typical
behavior, suggesting that tomboys aren’t made but born.
On the other hand, no relationship could be found between testosterone levels and the gender behavior of the boys tested. Researchers suggest that this may be due in part to testosterone levels normally being high during pregnancies with males. But they also|suggest that it has something to do with the fact that boys are more discouraged han girls from exhibiting cross-gendered behavior. For instance, girls are typically allowed to dance in a pink tutu and play soccer, whereas boys are quite often discouraged from the former and pushed toward the latter. What these findings suggest then is that the gender story is a complicated one; gender-role behavior is neither simply natural, nor is it simply taught.

How to Apply for HELB; Easy Guide.

How to Apply for HELB; Easy Guide..

Cluster cut off points 2012

Are you having a problem with accessing the cut off points for the revision of the courses 2011?

I got a procedure for you entailing how you can access them.

To access the list for the courses offered by the public university by JAB and their cut off points, use the following procedure:

The documents have the various courses offered by JAB, procedure for calculating caster points and  and the raw cluster subjects for the various degree choices.

How To Revise Courses Online:2011 KCSE Students


All applicants will require the following as contained in the 2011 K.C.S.E examination Registration Information

  1. KCSE Index No
  2. KCPE Index No
  3. Birth Certificate Number and in addition,
  4. A valid email account (If you do not have an email account you may create a free one with yahoo or gmail)
  5. Enough money in your Mpesa or Airtel money in to pay for revision. i.e. Ksh.500 or 800, whichever is applicable


Step 1.  Visit the JAB website (

a)      Check the status of your application from your school. Use the link titled  K.C.S.E.2011  Admission Enquiry

b)        Download and review the revision guidelines. Use the link titled Download Revision Guidelines or browse the jab website for all degrees on offer. Use the links titles Degree Clusters, Similar Degrees, Universities

c)      Taking into account your cluster point for each degree cluster, and considering the previous cut-off points for the courses of your interest, note down correctly the degree codes for your final choices.

Step 2.  Access

from your computer  or from your mobile handset  to proceed.

a)      Use the link titled Register to sign-up as a new user.
Note:  Your Password is confidential and MUST never be made known to another person.

Step 3. On successful registration you may update your personal contact information if it has changed from what you provided through your former school by using the link Edit Contact.  For mobile users, click on link titled Home , to view this link

Step 4.  To access Degree Application Form, you MUST pay the required amount indicated in Step 1 a) through your mobile phone either by Mpesa or Airtel Money following the instruction below:


Go to M-PESA on your phone


b)       Select Pay Bill option

c)        Enter Business no. 913900Enter KCSE 9 Digit INDEX NO e.g. 711702001 as your account number

d)       Enter the Amount

e)       Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send


Go to Airtel -> airtel money option on your phone


b)       Select make payments option

c)        Select pay bill option

d)       Select OTHER

e)       Enter business name UONJAB

f)        Enter Amount

g)       Enter your PIN

h)       For Reference enter KCSE 9 Digit INDEX NO.e.g. 711702001

Step 5.  You will receive two payment confirmation messages.  One SMS from Mpesa/Airtel and another one from JAB.  On receipt of the JAB confirmation, continue with the revision process.

Step 6.  If you had logged out, login in again through the link titled Login to proceed.

Step 7.  Use the link titled Degree Application Form to complete your application/revision as follows:

a)      Read and accept the terms and conditions

b)      Enter the degree codes for the revised degree choices that you recorded in step 1c  and save

c)      The choices you have made will be displayed if you have completed the form without errors. If you find errors indicated in red, correct and save again.


Step 8:  You MUST Log out for changes to be effected.  This is necessary so as to keep your revision information safe.


For assistance, an applicant may visit the nearest office of the Provincial Director of Education from May 21 to May 26, 2012, or the JAB offices at the University of Nairobi during the revision period. Enquires may also be made through the revision period.

  • The system will open for revision at 00hrs May 14, and close on 24.00hrs May 31, 2012. No further revision will be entertained after the system has closed.

Social science and Natural science.

What is the difference between natural science and social science…

Natural science is when something happens with no help of man what so ever. It just happens naturally. Social science is when there is some cause to what happens. Maybe a tree falls down misteriously and you realize that it was athe work of a windstorm ( That would be natural science ). If you discover that the cause of the tree falling down was that somebody had cut it down, that would be social science.

Social Sciences include the study of economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, social studies, and sociology. They are a group of disciplines that deal with humans, both as individuals and as interacting groups.

Natural Sciences include the study of astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences and physics as well as areas of overlap.

Briefly, social sciences are the study of humans and their interactions, and natural sciences are the study of the universe and how it works.

What is the similarities of natural science and social science?

Natural science is usually the basic science of every things.Think about what social science are it need to be on psychology,economics,and anthropology.
You can just think about the economics,Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
A hotel need someone to take care about what do all the people which is the cosumer that come to their hotel.So they need to study about social science to let their hotel full of people eating things or just take a rest.
The natural science is concentrate about the Earth’s basic natural sources.And that will be how many cm are rising this year of the sea water, how many year later we will have no sea food to eat,several things like that.
The final thing that is what you ask.ah……….. I think all the that you needed to think about the social science you need to first think about the natural science,so if i need to answer it I will say it all the same!

Thank you for reading.

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