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Bonyeza Ushinde is a promotional campaign carried out by Safaricom with the sole purpose of creating awareness of messaging platform they provide, well that’s what they say. The prices that Safaricom usually give out are so great that a lot Kenyans end up participating with the hopes of winning millions of money. However, most, or maybe all of these participants end up with nothing but fury. That is evident on the Safaricom Official Facebook Page. We can try to figure out the puzzle anyway.

First, it’s important to understand that Bonyeza Ushinde Promotion is pure gambling. And therefore just like any other gambling, it is based on luck. However, unlike other gambling options like Sportpesa where the determinant of you winning is your own prediction, here is a computer application developed by Safaricom.

Secondly, why does Safaricom spend so much on advertising the promotion when it could spend less at creating awareness of the messaging platform which is the sole purpose of the promotion? There’s a swahili proverb which says “Kizuri chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza” TAFAKARI.

Thirdly, why are the winners of the promotion always some mamas from the village somewhere who prolly don’t know half of the answers to the question asked. My roommate has been doing this Bonyeza thing and most of the time we had to Google for answers.

Fourthly, why is Safaricom Official Facebook Page full of complaints about the system and no single testimonial of winning?
So what do you think, is it legit or not?

Safaricom is a great company with great services and products but before you start to Bonyeza, ask yourself if it’s worth it.


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